Known in my office as the café for “posh Italian sarnies”, this has been the early favourite as I have been trying to get out and explore the streets and lanes near my place of work.

Piada serve piadines, a filled flatbread. My research suggests they’re a northern Italian street food – from the Emilia-Romagna region. It’s a thin dough cooked (with olive oil) on a hot plate, and filled with simple but delicious produce. There are 13 different piadines on the menu, numbered zero through to quattordici (this superstitous bunch have skipped 13!) – so far I’ve had the Otto, with perfect spinach and mushrooms.

I’ve found some recipes here and here, but for inspiration check out the menu at the Piada website.

Piada, 12-14 St John St, EC1M 4AY (Farringdon tube – 020 7253 0472)

  • Delicious and fresh, with high quality produce and good service – 4.5 stars